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Mittwoch, 19. September 2012

I am very passionate. About a lot of things. It is basically my „conditio sine qua non“, something I cannot live without. Passion is my personal basis for motivation, enthusiasm and success. If I am not passionate about something I will not be very good at it. Neither try particularly hard. And people will notice that it is something I have to do rather than something I love doing.

So when I got the invitation to speak at the Hasso Plattner Forum last week about passion I passionately said „yes“!

I was running through the Volkspark Friedrichshain a few days before the Forum and started thinking about my speech and what passion actually means to me in business life. And what the ingredients of passion are. I came up with 7 things that drive and show my passion. Their first letters make up the word „passion“. So here we go:

Seven principles of passion

People – You might say this is a no-brainer. Or something everybody would say. But seriously, if you think about passion it is almost naturally linked to the people around you. In my eyes you can only be passionate about something if you are surrounded by the right people. And with that I don´t only mean team members, but also customers, investors, the press, your peer group and your family. We are a tech company and could easily hide behind our computers and devices. So it is absolutely vital that we experience real moments with real people. And that we show and receive human reactions to our products. I am most passionate about our company and the Apps we develop when I experience kids or their parents playing our Apps. That is our purpose of existing as a company. It makes us passionate that we create Apps and games that add fun, colour, laughter and entertainment to peoples lives.